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 Kitten Marcia

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PostSubject: Kitten Marcia   Kitten Marcia EmptyThu Oct 02, 2008 8:05 pm

~Name: Kitten Marcia

~Clan: Marcia Clan

~Looks: Kitten has dark blue eyes, Bluish-Purple hair that loves to hang infront of her face and sometimes over her left eye. Kitten has her family cross with her at all times, and has a wolf-demon in her, which shows with her ears and tail. She is mostly seen wearing purple or dark blue, anything that matches her hair color. Kitten normally only dresses down for pictures.
Kitten Marcia Wolf-1

~Personality: Kitten can't control her personality to well, it's almost as if theres two different sides of her. She hates to show her angry side and it's hard for her to get mad easily. She almost has a cat-like personality.

~Year in College: Sophmore {second year}

~Ninja Rank: - Chuunin
~Element: Earth
~~Specialty: Animal Personation.

~History : Kitten was born in the Hoshi Village, and grew up not knowing who her parents were since they gave her to a friend minutes after birth. Her family has always wanted her to complete college, but never wanted her to go to a college near them. With the wolf-demon in her, Kitten was never fully accepted in the village like her brother and sister were, who had never even heard of a wolf demon before. Kitten recieved the nickname of Kitty after one of her classmates saw her tail for the first time since Kitten lived there. After growing tired of hearing the ridicule of the villagers, Kitten ran away from her home village to go to school somewhere else.

~Village of Birth: Hoshi Village.

Theme Song: When the world stopped turning by Alan Jackson

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now this is all you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~Name of Creator: Kitten
~Number of Years of Rping: 4
~Number of Characters already made: 0
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Kitten Marcia
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